Friday 24 March 2017

Changelog for 1.0.6 beta build 1

1.0.6 beta build 1 - AKA
New Features:
  • The Worlds section has been added to the Store, featuring the Redstone Mansion!
  • In-game messages/changelogs are no longer tied to new updates
  • The jump range of slimes is now correct
Bug Fixes:
  • Skeleton horses spawned from traps can now be tamed and ridden
  • Baby mobs once again make idle sounds
  • Blocks that are destroyed by the Wither will now drop properly
  • Arrows fired from a dispenser will now hit entities directly in front of the dispenser
  • Snow Golem pumpkin heads will now properly scale with Add-Ons
  • Fixed the 'Cancel' button not appearing when downloading content from the Store without wi-fi
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when changing the storage location of an imported resource pack set to active in Global Resources

Saturday 18 March 2017

Changelog for 1.0.5 beta build 3

1.0.5 beta build 3 - AKA
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed several bugs with the '/replaceitem' command 
  • Entities will no longer spawn in lava with the '/spreadplayers' command 
  • Chorus plants will now play the proper sound when they grow
  • Maps zoomed out on an anvil now work the same for all players 
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to place any irrelevant item in Horse Armor slot using '/replaceitem' command

Thursday 16 March 2017

Changelog for 1.0.5 beta build 2

1.0.5 beta build 2 - AKA
  • Adjusted the levitation amplifier parameters when using the '/effect' command
Bug Fixes:
  • Saved worlds, previously added servers & any installed Add-Ons now appear again
  • Villagers no longer pick up your items when you die
  • Mobs spawned with eggs will no longer get stuck inside blocks
  • Players can no longer enter blocks and suffocate after swimming with Elytra
  • The touch screen will no longer get stuck continuing to drop items from the first hotbar slot
  • Fixed a crash relating to structures when updating a world from 1.0.3
  • Fixed 'Clear' arguments resetting 'Times' values when using the '/title' command
  • Previous output will no longer show any information for new Command Blocks
  • Using "/clear @p <item_name>" clears one instead of all specified items from the Inventory
  • Fixed '/effect' being unable to remove specific effect by providing duration 0
  • An error message will now state that 0 items were removed after using '/clear' command with a block that was not present in the inventory
  • The '/effect clear' command will no longer output a redstone signal from a Command Block if it fails
  • Fixed an invalid syntax error when using '/spreadplayers' command
  • Items with data tags besides 0 will now be properly removed with the '/clear' command
  • 'Entity' can now be auto-completed in the chat window when using the '/replaceitem' command
  • Chat will no longer flicker when the touch keyboard is opened
  • Villagers will no longer throw bread like they were baseball pitchers
  • When copying an Item with [CTRL]+[MMB], an additional copy will now be placed in the hotbar
  • Skin picker works again on Android versions less than 6.0
  • Canceling the download of a Resource Pack will now allow for re-downloading the pack
  • Always active repeating Command Blocks will now run their commands after being run in impulse always active mode
  • Passing through an Activator Rail will no longer eject the player on top of Rails
  • Many commands now show better result messages when executed
  • Fixed a crash when dying from Wither or instant damage effects triggered by commands
  • Using 0 as [maxCount] in the /clear command now gives the item count instead of removing it
  • Fixed the spawn time of Mob Spawners to be randomized instead of constant
  • Mob Spawners will no longer always spawn the maximum number of mobs
  • Items can no longer be duplicated using item frames

Monday 13 March 2017

Changelog for 1.0.5 beta build 1

1.0.5 beta build 1 - AKA

New Features:
  • More commands (/title, /stopsound, /playsound, /clear, /difficulty, /effect, /me, /replaceitem, /spreadplayers, /testfor, /gamerule, /particle)
  • Command blocks
  • Minecart with command block
  • Game rules
  • Magnifying glass no longer appears over entered text in the Storage manager.
  • Jump range of Magma Cubes fixed to correct value.
  • Lapis Lazuli icon now in enchanting tables.
  • Accuracy of fireball shots from Ghasts is now correct.
Bug Fixes:
  • Finally fixed the villagers & peaceful mobs despawning randomly bug!
  • Mobs moving between chunk borders no longer despawn when a crash occurs.
  • When a player's position shifts when reloading a world, players will no longer get trapped & suffocate inside blocks.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when a command with targets was executed.
  • Fixed a crash when trying to share a file after selecting cancel when trying to share previously.
  • The share button for a single item now appears in the Storage menu.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred sometimes when a player deleted content through the Storage manager.
  • Fixed various issues with Storage.
  • Pots are now getting the correct color for tinted plants placed in them.
  • Fixed another bug that made chat messages appear twice in game chat.
  • When the fill command is used to place blocks and then immediately destroy them, "phantom" blocks no longer appear.
  • Help command now displays command description.
  • Global resource packs should no longer be deactivated when creating a new world or relaunching the game (Android & Fire only).
  • Fixed a crash which happened when loading some worlds.
  • Hostile mob spawning rules no longer ignore the Y coordinate. 
  • Fixed a crash that happened sometimes when a player incorrectly used the /kill command.
  • Plants no longer stay in a player's inventory after being placed in a flower pot.
  • Endermen again have idle sounds. 
  • The Beacon's position is now correct when held in a player's hand.
  • End_portal is now listed as a valid block for the /fill command.
  • Toast notifications for Xbox Live invites should now appear. (iOS only)
  • Clients can no longer change world settings when far away from the host.
  • Slash commands now execute correctly even if the cursor is not at the end of the line.
  • Rails, beds, and cocoa no longer leave behind "ghost" items when using the /fill command.
  • Controller now works for scrolling on Apple TV. (Apple TV only)
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when selecting the Choose New Skin button. (Gear VR only)
  • Enchanted books again generate properly according to loot tables in dungeons/temples.
  • Fixed packs sometimes being deleted after importing.
  • Undead mobs again have their proper walking sounds.
  • Fixed a crash on Realms when changing difficulty.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred sometimes when a mob died.