Frequently asked questions

Q. Should I backup my worlds before I start playing or beta testing?
  1. Absolutely! Beta is a test environment where we help the developers to remove bugs from their new code. There is a pretty good chance that your hard work on your existing worlds could be lost forever if you do not backup your worlds before you start testing. To make a backup is easy! Just follow the tutorial here.

Q. Is there an iOS or Windows 10 beta test?
  1. Unfortunately we are unable to test the beta versions on iOS or Windows 10 devices for now.

Q. When is the next build coming out?
  1. We have no idea!  The next build is released when the developers have fixed a bunch of bugs and want the community to test the game again.  The developers work really hard to fix bugs as fast as they can but they need sleep and food and weekends and coffee, just like everybody else.  So please be patient.

Q. What mods can I use while beta testing?
  1. Please don't use mods if you are testing!  Mojang cannot fix bugs caused by third party mods and apps and the time spent trying to figure out bugs that aren't in MCPE slows them down.  If you are using mods and you find a bug, please tell us about the mods you are using when you report your bug so others can try to reproduce the bug without those mods.  Yes, pocketinveditor and Pocketmine-MP count as mods!

Q. Should I report all the bugs?
  1. Please check the official bug tracker before posting, so you do not report bugs that we know exist and may already be fixing. If you need help using the Bug Tracker, watch this video.

Q. What happened to Google+ community?
  1. Because of recent changes in Google policy, huge amounts of spam and duplicate reports, we decided not to have an open Google+ community. The beta test is still open and anyone can join, but we will not be able to moderate a community. We will see how this decision will affect beta testing. If it does not work out - we may go back to old model. Please be careful, do not join fake communities and do not download APKs of unknown origin, they may damage your device.

Q. How do I join/leave beta?
  1. You can click the link on the main page to both join and leave the beta test. Please follow the directions provided on the Google Store Page. Make sure you are logged in with email address you purchased the game with. The update WILL NOT BE INSTANT! It can take up to few days to update to and from beta. Please be patient! You can find a small tutorial HERE!

Make sure you have fun!