Tuesday 30 August 2016

Notes for 0.16 Beta build 1, aka - revision.

0.16 Beta build 1, aka

We have a few updates for the new "revised build 1".


  • From now on the beta build numbers will always be lower than the update we are beta testing, that is why we have 0.15.90 instead of 0.16.0. It makes it easier to update the beta and release versions without issues later in the Play Store.
  • The Wither is NOT in the beta currently (nor is the associated beacon or wither star), hopefully they will make their appearance this Friday.
  • Reminder that creative inventory search (as well as a few other features) will be for Win 10 only, therefore you will not be able to test it on Android in beta.
  • The only bug fix for this "revised build 1" is that we removed Education Edition only items
  • The game is currently crashing or not starting on multiple devices. If this happens to you, try to remove texture packs - if you have any (you can safely delete or rename your resource_packs folder). If that does not help, you can revert to the release version 0.15.6 (by leaving the test here then reinstalling - it might take a while for your game to revert) or wait for another build. Please check our Twitter and this blog for updates on beta builds.  If you have any more information about how to fix this crash, please comment in this ticket in the official bug tracker.