Tuesday 13 December 2016

Changelog for betabuild 5 and 6 ( and

1.0 beta build 5 & 6 - AKA

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a crash when trying to ride a horse.
  • Fixed a crash when trying to feed an animal.
  • The Ender dragon now goes towards the crystal actually closest to it.
  • Fixed a crash when a player loaded a large resource pack and tried to apply it to a new world.
  • Fixed a crash on some Android devices that was due to an ExceptionHolder error.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred on some Android devices. (beta build 6)

Thursday 8 December 2016

Changelog for 1.0 beta build 4 (aka

1.0 beta build 4 - AKA

New feature:
  • Shulker shells
  • Redstone dust again makes red particles instead of white particles when broken.
  • Chorus fruit and Ender pearls now have cooldown animations.
  • The game should start much quicker now and/or won't hang on a black screen (Android beta only).
  • Tweaked Chorus fruit and Chorus plant icons.
  • Tweaked shulkers so natural armor is applied instead of absorption.
  • Silverfish's spawning behavior tweaked so it matches other versions.
  • Rabbits no longer spawn exponentially in ice biomes.
  • Polar bears don't sink into the snow as much anymore.
  • Glass should appear correctly again.
  • Tweaked igloos to use the correct ice blocks.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue with pistons so they are not activated when adjacent to a not powered block that is adjacent to a power source.
  • Baby villagers now appear as grownup villagers when they grow up.
  • You no longer take damage due to lag when you move up or down (it's safe to run down stairs again!)
  • Strays again have the 50% chance of dropping an Arrow of Slowness on death.
  • Painting items works correctly and doesn't crash your game.
  • Items in the pocket crafting screen that you don't have the ingredients for show up again.
  • Fixed a crash when looking at the panorama after coming from the world template screen.
  • Fixed an issue where you could respawn on the corner of a block rather than the center.
  • /tp or /teleport commands work again as expected.
  • Fixed a bug where players would sometimes still have their experience levels that they did before they died.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Store to get stuck on the loading screen (Kindle Fire only).
  • Hoppers only pull in items from above them now.
  • Items you pick up will now not move items to your hotbar if it would combine in your inventory.
  • Game no longer crashes if your spawn position is at the top of the world.
  • Fixed the constant block highlight flickering again.
  • Shulker projectiles now emit sound when launched or exploding.
  • Chorus plants & Chorus fruit now have the correct sounds when placed & destroyed.
  • Looting swords no longer cause an invalid item to drop on occasion which would crash the game when this item was retrieved.
  • Fixed a pack import case where a zip contained a folder containing the pack.
  • Endermen no longer teleport after you kill them.
  • Iron golems no longer drown.
  • Players removed from the Realm whitelist who are in the Realm World are now always booted/removed from the world.
  • Trees that grow to full size from saplings are no longer invisible (Realms only).
  • Arrows of Harming no longer bounce off of mobs.
  • Fixed crashes that occurred when importing some texture packs.

Friday 2 December 2016

Changelog for 1.0 beta build 3 (aka

1.0 beta build 3 - AKA

  • Tweaked the renderchunks cache so it is now built in the background and on demand.
  • Shulkers now teleport smoother.
  • Health bars for bosses now update and appear properly.
  • Tweaked the flight time of elytra so it should behave as expected with the Unbreaking enchantment, also tweaked other elytra durability issues.
  • Moved position of chat messages so they don't cover life points, armor, etc.
  • Tweaked lighting in The End so it doesn't look upside down.
  • Tweaked the time it takes to catch something with a fishing rod so it doesn't take longer than other versions.
  • Moving between tabs in menus while using the LB/RB on a controller now behaves as expected.
  • The /locate command was added back but it only works for strongholds.
  • Removed bold headings from the Manifest Validation screen.
  • Fixed the Ender dragon's shadow so it isn't extraordinarily large.
  • Pumpkin & melon seed textures now render correctly.
  • Fixed lighting for water.
  • Added a message on the World Templates screen to tell players how you can upload a world to your Realm.
Bug Fixes:
  • Furnaces and enchanting tables no longer melt igloos.
  • You can ride on tamed horses that are on leads.
  • Fixed a bug where the top part of a chorus plant would appear as if it was there after the chorus plant was broken (even though that part wasn't actually there anymore).
  • Fixed a crash that occurred after selecting the Seed Picker.
  • Fixed an issue where you got an "unable to connect to the store" message instead of being able to get skin packs and texture packs (Rift & Gear VR only).
  • Using LB/RB on a controller to select tabs in options now correctly highlights any tab that has behavior or resource packs.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen if you logged out while in the End Poem, logged back into the End Poem, and had global entities in the world.
  • Fence gates, daylight sensors, and observers no longer stop redstone wire from transferring the signal any further.
  • End rods can now be placed on the bottom of blocks even if there are blocks around them.
  • Eyes of Ender are no longer duplicated when placed in an End Portal frame on an infinite world.
  • Fixed a bug where mobs would take fall damage when teleported.
  • Vertically placed end rods now break gravity-affected blocks that fall on them.
  • Ender dragon audio is no longer present in the Overworld when a player is in The End.
  • Gliding on elytra can now be cancelled by jumping or by running into walls or ladders.
  • When in third-person view, your character non longer looks like it's spinning around when you look up and down while gliding on elytra.
  • Fixed some issues with Realms invites and toast notifications of invites.
  • Villagers no longer run exceptionally fast after being hit.
  • Fixed a crash on the host player's device when one of their connected friends left a LAN game.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when attaching a graphics debugger.
  • The dragon's head texture no longer changes color when in your hand.
  • Endermen again teleport when a splash potion is thrown at them.
  • End gateway fountain now always appears when the Ender dragon is killed.
  • Boss music is now present during the Ender dragon fight.
  • Light level below blocks placed at build limit height now correctly updates after the blocks are broken.
  • Fixed The End crashing when a player went through an End Portal.
  • The sound effect for an ender pearl now plays correctly and can be heard.
  • Water can now protect obsidian blocks from getting destroyed by the Wither's spawn explosion.
  • The invisibility effect is no longer affected by a player's personal game mode changing.
  • Shulkers that are hanging from the ceilings in End Cities no longer die of suffocation.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when a player attacked the Wither with a melee attack.
  • The cancel button now appears on the music download dialog.
  • Fixed a crash when there was any input from a controller while the game was launching (Android & Fire only).
  • Gear VR hotbar is no longer stuck at the center of view (Gear VR only).
  • Slime blocks again display when held in your hand (VR only).
  • You can no longer duplicate items with item frames.
  • Global texture packs with custom UI textures now apply on the start screen without having to restart the game.
  • The Ender dragon's death sequence now looks the same whether you are hosting a game or playing on someone else's game.
  • You now need to stop riding a pig or a minecart in order to use an End Portal to travel to The End.
  • The End Portal now always teleports a player immediately (even if you fly into it).
  • Bottles o' Enchanting & splash potions no longer jitter in the air when thrown.
  • Fixed a bug where if a player went to sleep while it was raining in a Realm, it would continue raining when the player woke up but the rain would be visually gone. This made it appear as though sun was not burning zombies/skeletons, fires went out quickly without explanation, and made cauldrons fill up mysteriously. Now it actually does stop raining!
  • Villages now spawn again naturally with different types of villagers instead of just farmers.
  • Iron bar cages around Ender crystals now respawn when the Ender dragon is respawned.
  • Lingering potions now have a throwing sound.
  • All kinds of chests no longer have flickering sides in Cartoon, City, and Natural texture packs. The front of trapped chests is now correct in texture packs as well.
  • Arrows no longer turn black after hitting opaque blocks.
  • Arrows now bounce when hitting closed shulkers instead of disappearing.
  • Redstone comparator interaction with highly powered opaque blocks now works the way it does on other versions.
  • Pressure plates no longer get stuck in a pressed down position.
  • Farmer villagers now harvest fully grown carrots and potatoes.
  • Shulkers now lift gravity-affected blocks by opening & closing which causes the block to drop instead of teleporting away from the block.
  • Donkeys/mules/horses now make appropriate reactions to different food items.
  • If you use commands to try to give a player a stack of items greater than the max stack size, you now only get one max stack of the item instead of an error.
  • When a player gets hit by a shulker and levitates, the player now sees the correct levitation effect icon.
  • The appearance of leaves blocks is now consistent no matter what blocks you place next to them.
  • Fixed a bug where elytra activation was delayed.
  • Various bug fixes for the Plastic, Fantasy, City, Cartoon, and Natural texture packs.
  • Fog now implemented for End Portals & End Gateways.
  • "Could not connect: outdated server" message now displays when you try to join a pre-0.16 version server instead of the incorrect "Disconnected from Server" message.
  • Elytra now has roll animations.
  • Mobs now behave properly regardless of block type (no more spinning on blocks made of half-blocks!)
  • Tamed animals now teleport with the player into The End or the Nether (if they aren't sitting).
  • Villagers no longer get stuck up ladders.
  • End Portals can no longer be activated in existing Old World types.
  • Enchanted items have shiny effects again (VR only).
  • Fixed a bug where standing on a block next to an End Portal would teleport you as if you deliberately went into an End Portal.
  • Snow layers placed against other non-full blocks no longer delete the adjacent block.
  • Using spawn eggs in Survival mode now results in an egg being used and removed from your inventory.
  • Fixed a crash when you teleported away from the Ender dragon during the summoning process.
  • You can't just walk through shulkers anymore.
  • Worlds downloaded from Realms now correctly display the world name.
  • Fixed a crash when you selected a Realm invite message multiple times and then accepted or declined the invitation.
  • "You haven't added anyone to your friend's list!" message in Realms now displays properly (Android Galaxy Tablet only).
  • Head icons are now visible on the hotbar when the inventory is opened.
  • Mobs no longer jump and spin around if they move on to a bed.
  • You can see the point-of-view change when sneaking/crouching in immersive mode (VR only).
  • Chat messages now only show up once!
  • UI performance no longer gets worse the longer you use the UI when deleting items.
  • Sliders now behave properly on Android & iOS devices when using a controller.
  • The End Poem now has a skip button appear if you tap on the screen on devices without a back button.
  • The End Dragon continues to move/update regardless of how far away you are from it.
  • Dragon breath clouds are now the correct color.
  • All file extension types we support on Android now should work on Gear VR (Gear VR only).
  • The hunger bar no longer depletes exceptionally fast when in a Realm.
  • Fixed some lag issues when placing gravity-affected blocks in multiplayer.
  • Chorus fruit and ender pearls now have a cooldown of 1 second.
  • When filled with lingering potions, dispensers now correctly shoot them (instead of magically transforming them into eggs when they shoot out!)
  • Tools make breaking noises when they break again (Realms only).
  • Dragon eggs now teleport when you try to mine them in Survival.
  • Fixed a duplication glitch when hitting something.
  • Game no longer hangs when saving a Realm to a device (Realms only).
  • You are now teleported when you eat chorus fruit.
  • Blocks held in your hand are no longer larger than they should be.
  • Bows can no longer be pulled back if you're out of arrows.
  • Squid no longer disappear as soon as they reach the surface of water (Realms only).
  • Diamonds can now be found randomly in generated blacksmith chests.
  • Lingering potions of decay now have the correct texture.
  • Various zombie bug fixes.
  • Various rabbit bug fixes.
  • Various chorus plant fixes.
  • If you hit a spider in the daytime, nearby spiders won't try to attack you as well.
  • You no longer keep your armor when you die (it drops like everything else).
  • Fixed shulker health.
  • Rain, smoke particles, and shadows are no longer visible when you're inside lava.
  • Chests no longer get stuck looking as though they are open.
  • Mobs again spawn with enchanted items & with the appropriate spawn/drop rate.
  • Endermites no longer gain super speed after reloading a world.
  • Undead mobs no longer burn at night when they're close to The Wither.
  • End gateways now make the appropriate beams when created/used.
  • World generation from seeds is now totally consistent between PE & Win 10.
  • Fixed signs and mob heads so they are placed facing direction based on the player's direction from a block.
  • Pig saddle sounds can now be heard.
  • You can now hear the summoning sound of the Wither.
  • Experience orbs no longer orbit your head when you pick up many of them at once.
  • Iron golems you create will no longer ever attack you.
  • Undead mobs no longer burn in The End.
  • The Ender dragon no longer looks like it's taking fire damage when it is hit with an arrow while sitting.
  • Resource pack images no longer show up in your device's picture gallery (Android only).
  • Clouds are no longer rendered on top of players who are at or above cloud altitude.
  • Shulker bullets are now destroyed when attacked.
  • Shulkers now deal the correct amount of damage.
  • Trapped chests no longer look the same as normal chests in your inventory, hotbar, or when dropped in the world.
  • Fixed a crash that happened when a player got out of a minecart and then destroyed it.
  • Tamed animals no longer take damage when you take damage from a potion.
  • Endermen no longer have status effects applied from tipped arrows (because they teleported away before they were hit).
  • Enchanted flame & power bows work again & apply the effect/damage to mobs correctly.
  • You can no longer destroy an End portal with water.
  • You can again walk from a slab to a block with carpet on top of it.
  • Arrows fired from dispensers can be retrieved again.
  • Boats and minecarts now make sounds when they are broken (MCPE only).
  • Fixed a crash when a player would spam the Sign in For Free button on the Xbox Live sign-in screen.
  • The first hotbar slot is no longer always highlighted after re-entering a world.
  • When you have a piece of armor in your hand and right click, it equips it if that slot is free.
  • Fixed a crash when accessing settings on Realms (Realms only).
  • Players can now sleep in partially-covered beds without suffocating.
  • Ghast fireballs set blocks on fire again.
  • Endermen again teleport after taking damage.
  • You hear the sound again when you are taking damage from drowning.
  • You can now hear the bubbling sound of fresh, hot lava!
  • Fixed a bug where items wouldn't get placed correctly into item frames.
  • Fixed the textures for the furnace, dispenser, and dropper when dropped in the world, in your hand, or in an item frame.
  • Fixed a crash that happened when hostile mobs died.
  • The Wither is now healed by Arrows of Harming.
  • Endermites now despawn after 2 minutes unless you name them with a name tag.
  • TTS now reads output from say, tell, and whisper commands.
  • Cave spiders now apply the poison effect when they attack you.
  • The /toggledownfall command now toggles off rain on Realms (Realms only).
  • You can no longer join a game that has multiplayer disabled by manually adding the IP address.
  • You can again connect to a Xbox Live account on Fire TV (Fire TV only).
  • Cursor keys now work on Android (Android only).
  • Fixed item transfer so it automatically moves the stack of items (MCPE only).
  • Brewing stands will now stop looking like they're still brewing even when they are not.
  • When using the MCPE UI on Win 10, scrolling no longer changes the hot bar selection (Win 10 only).
  • Fixed lag when riding an animal/minecart.
  • Hovering over the chat with touch controls while controlling the camera no longer stops the camera from turning.
  • Destroying an ice block no longer also destroys the block underneath it.
  • Fixed biome graphics issues when loading older worlds.
  • Fixed redstone repeaters so they don't fire too quickly. 
  • Fixed an issue with pistons so they are not activated when adjacent to a not powered block that is adjacent to a power source. 

Friday 18 November 2016

Changelog for 1.0 beta build 2 (aka

1.0 beta build 2 - AKA

  • "100% dragon free" & "It's alpha" removed from the splash text because we now have a dragon & we're no longer in alpha. 
  • Your device will now check to make sure you have enough available storage for the game before starting the download.
  • Tweaked the slime/magma cube loot drops to the way they should be.
  • Tweaked the natural texture pack description so it doesn't get cut-off.
  • Lowest render distance value you can have is now 3 chunks (because chunks get stuck trying to load if it's below 3).
  • Tweaked the blaze charge time for attacks to match other editions.
  • Tweaked chunk generation.
  • Capitalized the "r" in Realms on the dialog text.
  • Changed "Save world to device" text to "Download World"
  • Changed "Create new world" text to "Create New"
  • Tweaked the UI in the Realms selection screen so Realms don't move around slightly.
  • Added the ignite sound for TNT minecarts & creepers.
  • Tweaked the error validation screen to better convey information about a failing Add-on pack.
  • Localization fixes and an update to the Rift launcher (Win 10 Oculus Rift only).
  • Tweaks to narration accessibility mode.
  • Play screen layout & achievement screen tweaks.
  • Text tweaks to keep them where they belong (and are readable!)
  • "Leave Bed" button updated.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed biomes looking strange when loading previously generated worlds.
  • No longer get "import failed" message when you import an Add-on that has already been imported- now you get a correct message!
  • The Manifest Validation window now activates during a failed import of an Add-on with an exceptionally long pack name or description.
  • Add-on packs with syntax errors in the manifests that worked in 0.16 will now also work in 0.17 (though you might want to clean them up!)
  • Baby ocelots who grow up to be adult ocelots can now be tamed.
  • Enchantments found in End Cities are now the same strength as those found in other editions.
  • Horse armor can now spawn in End Cities chests.
  • Throwing a splash water bottle on an Enderman no longer crashes the game.
  • If you join your friend's game while they are in a vehicle or riding an animal, your friend no longer clips through the vehicle/mount.
  • All current textures will now update when switching resource packs.
  • Snowballs now dispense properly.
  • Fixed a bug with saddles/chests on donkeys and mules.
  • Fixed the Dragon's breath AOE (area of effect) cloud
  • Fixed buckets so they behave as they should in Creative.
  • Iron golems now have full knockback resistance.
  • Fixed a bug so now entering an End Portal always takes you to the End (unless you're already in The End and then you go to the Overworld).
  • You can't use fishing rods on the Ender dragon anymore (for obvious reasons!)
  • Mob heads can be placed again.
  • Applied Add-on packs now appear correctly in the UI while in game.
  • Mushrooms obtained from shearing mooshrooms no longer have a blank icon in your inventory.
  • Rabbits again properly eat carrot crops.
  • Skeletons and strays will now follow you during the day if it is raining or they are wearing a helmet.
  • Fixed a crash potentially due to some player models. (iOS only)
  • Fixed random colors on grass when a player overrides grass colors.
  • Fixed carried waterlillies (lilypads) in resource packs - the pack files were named incorrectly.
  • Eggs now cause knockback and make the mob/player flash when hit.
  • Now only one "you have been given…" message displays per use when using the /give command.
  • Fixed a bug that should improve response when players interact with some blocks.
  • Pushed blocks no longer flicker once after being moved.
  • Fixed bugs dealing with mob spawn rates (i.e. ghast spawn rate, increased frequency of mob spawning in some cases, detecting whether a mob spawned from spawner)
  • Recipes that have items that have a damage value will no longer have the wrong craft number in the pocket crafting UI.
  • Beacon is now correctly highlighted in the pocket crafting screen when you don't have all the ingredients to make one.
  • Fixed a crash that happened when you and a friend entered the End Portal fountain to see the credits but your friend was standing in front of you.
  • Fixed a crash when an item went into a hopper.
  • The strays' clothing now renders correctly!
  • The store downloading layout now displays correctly (MCPE only).
  • Skin picket custom button now sizes itself based on the length of text.
  • Realms will no longer show up in the list of worlds you can upload to your Realm.
  • Settings are now correctly displayed on expired Realms.
  • Paintings can have transparency now.
  • XP orbs and loot now comes out of mobs with the smoke particles.
  • You no longer gain the Respiration effect from just holding an enchanted helmet- you need to wear it!
  • Melted ice blocks now create flowing water.
  • All note blocks now start with the lowest note.
  • The sound of a playing note block doesn't fade out too early now when you walk away from it.
  • Fixed ghast & lightning/thunder sounds.
  • Creepers no longer use their hurt sound as an idle sound (as creepers are quiet!)
  • Snow golem now has a special sound when they are hit or die.
  • Zombie villagers, silverfish, squid, and husks now all make the sounds they are supposed to make.
  • Leash offset for chickens corrected.
  • Fixed another game crash when you respawned.
  • Cured zombie villagers now make the appropriate sounds when cured.
  • When beds explode in The End, they now also destroy blocks.
  • TNT ignition animation now looks like it does in other versions.
  • Fixes to unusual minecart movement and minecarts floating above tracks.
  • Elder guardian egg now renamed properly so resource packs can find it.
  • Fixed issue where texture packs were not applying to mob heads.
  • Fixed a crash after undoing an emoji in chat (MCPE iOS only).
  • Fixed a timing issue with falling blocks.
  • Ender dragon boss bar is now visible all the time during the dragon battle.
  • Ender dragon no longer respawns each time the player reloads the game.
  • Burning players are now extinguished when jumping in a cauldron with water in it.
  • Witches spawn from witch huts now.
  • Hoes till dirt again!
  • Removed Realms offers from the store in the Android beta as well as any Realms purchases and features (because Realms don't work if you're in the Android beta).
  • Fixed a bug where the Ender dragon would appear in the Overworld after the character died in The End before killing it.
  • Fixed a crash when opening a .mcworld file (MCPE iOS only).
  • Fixed various unicode bugs.
  • Fixed the Ender dragon's perch-mode fire break attack's radius.
  • Ender crystals can now be destroyed in survival (Android only).
  • You can now use the left bumper on the controller on the inventory screen to wrap to the right side (MCPE only).
  • Wrapping now allowed when cycling through tabs.
  • Some characters in the chat text box are no longer moved off screen when the send button appears.
  • "#" can be used in text boxes again.
  • Advanced video settings toggle now saves its state.
  • Chat can be closed again with the back button.
  • Scroll bars should no longer have their max overshot value become negative.
  • Fixed a crash relating to store screenshots.
  • Fixed a crash on launch if there was no speech pack installed (Win 10 only).
  • Chat messages again read in the correct order in narrator mode.
  • Now there's a notification when keyboard shortcuts are used to toggle the TTS accessibility option (Win 10 only).
  • Fixed some mob models not being able to be changed using mobs.json
  • You now see the hand movement & TNT's texture blink when joined to a game and the TNT is ignited.
  • Fixed a bug where the Ender dragon would disappear if the game crashed while fighting it.
  • Command output from /gamemode command is now displayed for other players.
  • Fixed a severe FPS drop with lots of purple particles around the player while fighting the Ender dragon (Android only).
  • Blaze projectiles are now visible (Realms only).
  • Dragon head can move when powered without having to reload the game.
  • You are no longer repositioned at spawn when above 128 world height and the game is reloaded.
  • Minecraft launcher no longer crashes when the hard drive is full (Win 10 Oculus Rift only).
  • If you're on your friend's world, you can now see your friend switching between mob heads.
  • Protection enchantment fixed to be the same as other versions - it no longer protects against suffocation & cactus damage.
  • Caves are no longer pitch black in VR (VR only).
  • Fixed chunks of other dimensions (e.g. the Nether) generated when you enter a dimension the second time on a server/game with a smaller render distance than you.
  • Play screen now properly shows Realms trial when the trial is still available but you have accepted a friend's Realm invitation.
  • Achievement screen will now populate with a single list of achievements if suspending/resuming your game.
  • If you die and rejoin a game, you are again respawned in your last bed (or at world spawn if your bed was destroyed) rather than where you died.
  • 90 degree fences have correct collision boxes now.
  • Fixed a bug where the sneak button wouldn't disappear when switch sneak/jump button option is active.
  • Loading worlds from templates shouldn't fail sometimes anymore.
  • Fixed a bug with using spawn eggs on spawners- it now behaves correctly.
  • Fixed a duplication glitch with Eye of Ender.
  • Ender crystals and projectiles fixed so players with short render distance can now fight the Ender dragon without issues.
  • Cocoa pods now show a crack animation when breaking them.
  • Various skin bug fixes.
  • Lingering potion effects now refresh every few ticks if you are standing in its effect cloud.
  • If you're in a friend's game and your friend throws an Eye of Ender, the animation now looks like it should.
  • Fixed a crash caused by the End portal on certain graphics settings.
  • Fixed a graphics bug where mob spawners allowed you to see through the world.
  • Fixed a graphics glitch with End gateway blocks near water.
  • Fixed an occasional crash when you return through a Nether portal with a mob spawner nearby.
  • Fixed the Ender charge so it doesn't slow down over time.
  • Plastic texture pack particles fixed.
  • Fixed the error message for the /give command when invalid values are entered.
  • Dropped items now move to the next empty space when a block is placed on top of them.
  • Silverfish now take damage when on soul sand.
  • Fixed a crash when the game was resumed (MCPE iOS only).
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when trying to join a LAN game.
  • End gateway no longer suffocates you!
  • Fixed a crash when a game was stopped with players still logged into it.
  • Thrown lingering potions now have a splash effect.
  • The armor and clothes the skeleton models wear disappear when they're splashed with invisibility potion
  • An animal on a lead should land safely on the ground now without taking any damage.
  • Shulkers no longer attack you when the difficulty is set to peaceful.
  • Clocks again rotate at the same speed as one held in hand when placed in item frames in dimensions other than the Overworld.
  • Villagers now run from zombie pigmen.
  • Mobs no longer jump and turn near obstacles on slabs, carpet, etc.
  • Fixes and updates for City, Fantasy, Natural, and Plastic texture packs.
  • Weather now clears up after using the /toggledownfall command during a thunderstorm.
  • The auto-complete list now show players that are on the same world but just in different dimensions than you.
  • The close button in the chest UI no longer overlaps an item slot when you hover your mouse over it (Win 10 only).
  • The d-pad on the controller is now supported in the Exit Minecraft prompt.
  • You can now whisper to yourself in text chat in the game (good for making notes for yourself that only you can see!)
  • You can now see the animation of a witch drinking a potion.
  • Fixed crashes when loading terrain.
  • Fixed an occasional crash when moving the visibility distance slider in the options.
  • Importing a world with an Add-on will no longer fail due to duplicate world IDs.
  • Held items are no longer cropped or off-frame when playing in a different aspect ratio so clocks & compasses will show up correctly again.
  • When an Enderman is being hit, its head color is consistent - the bottom part no longer turns completely red.
  • Clocks continue to work when dropped now.
  • You can no longer enter a vehicle while riding a pig/horse/donkey/mule (that's dangerous!)
  • Cocoa pod stems are now correctly displayed.
  • The game now registers mouse clicks as fast as you can click them!
  • Fixed lag when your world is saving.
  • Animals breed again (instead of just showing hearts with no baby appearing).
  • Chat position is fixed.
  • Throwing rate of snowballs is fixed.
  • The spawn rate of Golden Apples in chests is fixed.
  •  Pointing the crosshair near the top or the bottom of a block while you're in sneak mode no longer highlights the block next to the one you want.
  • Framed maps' green indicators no longer disappear from a held map after you teleport to another dimension.
  • All zombie pigmen within range will now attack you if you attack one of them.
  • The anvil no longer deletes items if the game is closed while the screen is open.
  • Leaves no longer act as opaque blocks when the Fancy Graphics option is off.
  • Leaf blocks held in the hand or dropped on the ground now have transparency if Fancy Graphics option is on.
  • Broken spruce and birch leaves no longer have different colors than they should.
  • You can't walk through fences anymore.
  • Compasses placed in item frames now show the correct direction towards spawn.
  • Minecarts with mobs no longer fly upwards after you join a game.
  • Fixed the looped sound for the ignite action.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when hostile mobs die.
  • Fixed a crash when you returned to your world after the credits ended.

Monday 14 November 2016

1.0 beta changelog build 1 (aka

1.0 beta build 1 - AKA

New Features:
  • The END
  • End Cities
  • End Ships
  • Ender Pearls
  • Eye of Ender
  • Ender Chest
  • Jean? the Ender Dragon
  • Dragon head
  • Shulkers
  • Chorus fruit
  • Popped chorus fruit
  • End stone
  • End stone brick
  • End poem
  • Purpur block
  • Purpur pillar
  • Purpur slab
  • Purpur stairs
  • End Rod
  • Dragon Egg
  • Exit Portal
  • End Gateway
  • Ender charge
  • Ability to craft lingering potions in survival
  • Ability to craft tipped arrows in survival
  • Ability to respawn Jean? the Ender Dragon
  • Dragon's breath
  • Elytra
  • Ender crystals
  • 256 world height!
  • World seed library
  • Igloos
  • Polar bears
  • Strongholds now fully implemented - strongholds have a chance of spawning randomly in newly generated chunks. You're not limited to only three!
  • Support for world templates

  • Stronger validation of Add-Ons manifest- you may need to update them.
  • Sound & music effect volume issues fixed.
  • Fixed issues with text lagging when updating (& not updating scroll bar visibility, too.)
  • Fixed various text sizing and spacing issues.
  • Transferring items between containers should be faster now.
  • Lava and water should again go where you point to place them.
  • Various tweaks to Add-Ons, including improvements to loading.
  • Tweaked opacity of pop-up windows for easier reading.
  • Tweaked enchanted golden apples so they have the correct amount of absorption health points.

Bug Fixes:
  • Worlds again displayed in the Play tab for Win 10 players with utf-8 symbols in their names.
  • Fixed a crash when players with utf-8 symbols in their names tried to delete a world.
  • FOV slider now shows the correct value.
  • Stone blocks should now show up in all recipes when using the MCPE crafting screen.
  • Fixed a game crash on startup if you had two monitors connected with different DPIs (Win 10 only).
  • Android keyboard will no longer switch to the numeric keypad if you lock and unlock the screen (Android only).
  • Creative search tab now selects the search box when switching tabs and when typing any character even if the box is not selected.
  • No more crashing when eating mushroom stew!
  • There is now an animation for throwing items. 
  • Realm names no longer overlap the number of players actively in the realm.
  • Fixed a crash when your internet connection dies while using Replace World on Realms.
  • Good news: guardians, wither skeletons & blazes respawn naturally again when switching from peaceful game mode to easy/normal/hard. Bad news: they will only do this in newly generated structures, not ones that have already been discovered. 
  • Fixed the Store getting stuck on "Getting products…" screen
  • "Your home bed was missing or obstructed" message now appears if you die and your bed was destroyed.
  • Fall momentum now saved even if you close & reopen a world.
  • "Dye" button is displayed when trying to dye a sheep.
  • Skeleton horse traps should now work correctly (multiple bug fixes).
  • You now have to actually brew a potion to get the achievement.
  • "Local Brewery", "Monster Hunter" and "Archer" achievements fixed.
  • Cycling through commands to get to the @ character now properly displays all available values.
  • Magma cubes no longer take damage from water.
  • Minecarts with chests/hoppers/TNT no longer get stuck halfway in a block if they run into it.
  • Mobs can drown again.
  • Lured mobs no longer push you around when you're riding a pig/horse/mule/donkey.
  • Wearing a pumpkin helmet prevents endermen from attacking you.
  • Fixed a crash on mobile devices if game was launched without wi-fi enabled (MCPE only).
  • Fixed arrow hit sound effect.
  • TTS narrated messages are no longer interrupted by sending a new message.
  • Sprinting fixed so it doesn't stop unless hunger is low.
  • Fixed a crash with the /drop command.
  • The Wither is no longer hostile to wither skeletons and strays.
  • Paintings can no longer run into each other at right angles.
  • You can now make huge mushrooms from regular mushrooms!
  • You can now drink milk in Creative mode.
  • Baby zombies now drop loot upon death.
  • Snow golems now attack silverfish.
  • Villagers now turn into zombie villagers when they are killed by a husk.
  • Now only adult cows can be milked.
  • Potatoes and beetroot can once again be used to feed and breed pigs.
  • Beetroots and beetroot stew appear in your Creative inventory.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when selecting a world for Replace World for realms (iOS only).
  • Mobs killed by tamed mobs will now drop XP.
  • Untamed horses/mules/donkeys no longer follow you when you're holding food.
  • Fixed a bug that caused mining to go slowly after a player reconnected to a multiplayer game while riding a horse.
  • Fixed a bug where you could use commands to have buckets place other blocks.
  • Negative effects from splash potions no longer affect endermen (as they teleport away quickly).
  • Cats no longer change their textures back to ocelots when worlds created before 0.16 are loaded.
  • Fixed a bug where the villager reproduction rate was capped by something other than door count.
  • Fixed a bug where game would hang on a black screen during launch (Fire TV only).
  • Fixed a bug where endermen would get angry even if you only looked at their torso.

Friday 16 September 2016

0.16.0 beta changelog build 4 (aka

0.16.0 beta build 4 - AKA

New Features:

  • The Wither!
  • Nether star
  • Beacon

  • Tweaked the elder guardian's hitbox. 
  • Modified natural spawn rates for mobs to where they should be (wither skeleton).
  • Fixed performance issues (FPS drop).
  • Lots of work on horses.
  • Tweaked some UI spacing issues.
  • Tweaked some issues with arrows.
  • More piston work!

Bug Fixes:

  • Mob steps can be heard again.
  • Players can fill buckets while underwater, even in creative.
  • Fixed it so that potions of harming will kill mobs rather than just making them drop loot.
  • Replaced placeholder with the correct names of items.
  • Guardian & elder guardian attack animations are visible again.
  • Fixed it where mobs don't get knocked back by splash potions of healing.
  • Fixed attribute inconsistencies in mobs & fixed multiple attribute loading bugs (some mobs ran too fast, some mobs had incorrect health, some mobs didn't show the correct health in their health bar.
  • Fixed crash after joining a LAN game.
  • Fixed randomly breaking boats.
  • Monster spawner no longer crashes the game when difficulty is set to peaceful.
  • Fixed a crash when a player threw a snowball, egg, or splash potions.
  • Zombie pigmen no longer hostile towards mobs.
  • No more diving when riding a horse, pig, or donkey. (That's dangerous!)
  • Guardian laser beams change color now.
  • Markers on maps now correctly show direction when riding (animal, minecart, etc.)
  • Gamemode settings now persist in saved games.
  • Fixed issue where some mobs no longer dropped items.
  • Players again spawn in "safe places" during initial world generation.
  • Players no longer float above beds while sleeping. ("There is no Dana, only Zuul.")
  • Fixed crash when server spawns guardians & elder guardians.
  • You can hear the laser sound for guardians & elder guardians again.
  • Fixed items dropping from mobs incorrectly (not dropping for some, dropping for some that shouldn't have drops)
  • Chat window fixed- automatically updates messages when they come in.
  • Two zombie villagers no longer spawn when a single villager is turning into a zombie.
  • Status effects no longer present after a player's death.
  • Nether mobs no longer lose fire resistance.
  • Fixed projectiles so they can be shot in directions, not just at targets.
  • Invisible players can no longer be seen and attacked by mobs.
  • Creeper again makes hissing ignition sound.
  • Iron golem now has an attack animation again.
  • Lightning strikes have sounds again.
  • Fireballs fixed: Blaze fireballs set blocks on fire & large fireballs are visible again.
  • Fixed assorted crashes when loading/importing older worlds.
  • Projectiles no longer hurt the player when reflected.
  • Iron golems will attack aggressive mobs again to defend villagers, themselves.
  • Fixed rare case of mobs spawning without heads.
  • Fixed slime spawning size issues.
  • Zombie pigmen are again spawning with golden swords.
  • Elder guardian now attacks the player.
  • Player no longer gets disconnected from the Realm after suspending & resuming the device/game.
  • Fixed a crash when skeleton horse trap got triggered on peaceful.

Friday 2 September 2016

0.16.0 beta build numbers

Current build numbers cheat sheet

CURRENT BUILD NUMBER: - 0.16.0 Beta build 4

If you have been wondering about current build version and you are confused, there is a neat cheat sheet for you below. It helps us greatly if the bugs are reported for the correct build. is 0.16.0 Beta build 1 is 0.16.0 Beta build 2 is 0.16.0 Beta build 3

This build number can be found in the Minecraft: Pocket Edition WHAT'S NEW section in Play Store:

Wednesday 31 August 2016

Notes for revised revised 0.16 Beta build 1, aka

0.16 Beta build 1, aka

Just one wee fix for the new "revised revised build 1".  Seriously, we do plan on releasing a build 2, soon. In game, the version will still show 0.15.90 and build 1.  In the Google Play Store you will see the version is and we are still beta testing 0.16.0.  Confusing? We like to think so.

Bug Fixes:
  • Removed  placeholder art

    • The Wither is still NOT in the beta (nor is the associated beacon or wither star), hopefully they will make their appearance this Friday.
    • Creative inventory search (as well as a few other features) will be for Win 10 only, therefore you will not be able to test it on Android in beta.
    • The game still crashing or not starting on multiple devices. If this happens to you, try to delete or rename your resource_packs folder. If that does not help, you can revert to the latest release version (by leaving the test here then reinstalling - it might take a while for your game to revert) or wait for another build. Please check our Twitter and this blog for updates on beta builds.  If you have any more information about how to fix this crash, please comment in this ticket in the official bug tracker.

    Tuesday 30 August 2016

    Notes for 0.16 Beta build 1, aka - revision.

    0.16 Beta build 1, aka

    We have a few updates for the new "revised build 1".


    • From now on the beta build numbers will always be lower than the update we are beta testing, that is why we have 0.15.90 instead of 0.16.0. It makes it easier to update the beta and release versions without issues later in the Play Store.
    • The Wither is NOT in the beta currently (nor is the associated beacon or wither star), hopefully they will make their appearance this Friday.
    • Reminder that creative inventory search (as well as a few other features) will be for Win 10 only, therefore you will not be able to test it on Android in beta.
    • The only bug fix for this "revised build 1" is that we removed Education Edition only items
    • The game is currently crashing or not starting on multiple devices. If this happens to you, try to remove texture packs - if you have any (you can safely delete or rename your resource_packs folder). If that does not help, you can revert to the release version 0.15.6 (by leaving the test here then reinstalling - it might take a while for your game to revert) or wait for another build. Please check our Twitter and this blog for updates on beta builds.  If you have any more information about how to fix this crash, please comment in this ticket in the official bug tracker.

    Monday 29 August 2016

    Changelog - What is new in 0.16.0 update?

    Important note: If you are participating in the 0.16 Beta, you will not have access to MCPE/Win10 Realms while you are in the Beta. To get access back to your Realm, you will need to opt-out of the Beta and revert to the 0.15.6 build. Not all features are fully developed at the moment: Wither boss isn’t quite ready yet or are add-ons, but those features will be hopefully fixed for further builds. We kept the version at 0.15.90 on the splash screen just to see if you were paying attention. Have fun testing!

    What's new in 0.16.0 update?

    New Features:
    • Ocean Monuments
    • Guardians and Elder Guardians
    • Prismarine, dark prismarine & prismarine bricks
    • Prismarine shard & prismarine crystal
    • Sea lantern
    • You can now use slash commands by enabling cheats for a world in the options screen (but this will disable Xbox Live achievements for that world even if you are in survival).
    • Good news for left-handed players - you can now do custom key binding for keyboard!
    • You can now search in the Creative inventory.  (Win 10 only)
    • Added mouse UI sensitivity slider in VR options. (Win 10 Rift only)
    • Wet & dry sponges.

    • Lots of cool, new UI changes!
    • Fixed several issues with water so that it looks better such as not making other blocks flicker and not seeing through other blocks at the water line.
    • Performance improvements.
    • If you are drying a wet sponge in a furnace, you can place an empty bucket in the fuel slot as the sponge is finishing drying and the bucket will now fill with water. Remember that the furnace will still need to have enough fuel left to finish drying the sponge.
    • Skin picker no longer shows the silhouette of the skins behind it when choosing a custom skin.
    • Tweaked the clock texture so it has all the correct pixels.
    • Tweaked mouse sensitivity for vertical vs. horizontal motion in UI in Rift (Win 10 Rift only).
    • Increased maximum view distance for capable GPUs (Win10 and EDU only)

    Some Bug Fixes:
    • To zoom out maps, the original map needs to be placed in the center of the crafting grid.
    • Fixed crashes on some Android devices.
    • Fixed a crash upon world load in Gear VR edition.
    • Frame rate no longer affects the sensitivity of mouse and controller turning in game.
    • Fixed a game crash on FireTV that happened after a few minutes of gameplay.
    • Leashes no longer flash red when a mob on that leash gets hurt.
    • Fixed a crash that happened occasionally when a player would try to access Realms settings.
    • Fixed a connection issue failure with players trying to connect to Realms from Android, Kindle, iOS, or Gear VR.
    • Transitioning from Living Room mode to Immersive mode while riding an animal no longer makes the animal look like it's being x-rayed (Win 10 Rift only).
    • Boats have shadows!
    • Fixed a crash when breaking a door near a villager during the night.
    • No longer informs you when you join a game (because you already know you joined!)
    • If you're in a game session where you can't invite friends, the invite friends button won't appear in the pause screen anymore.
    • Fixed a rogue pixel on the back of the Cake Maniac skin's head.
    • Fixed x-ray effects when hitting a boat in survival.
    • Fixed the incorrect drop rate of armor for armored hostile mobs.
    • Water no longer continues to flow from frozen water source blocks.
    • You can now sprint forever in creative mode. FOREVER!
    • Pressing enter opens the chat window.
    • Opening the chat window and then quickly typing is no longer an issue- no more lost letters!
    • You can now place beds on upper slabs.
    • You won't shake randomly anymore when dismounting a vehicle while you're in a block or closing a trapdoor while standing in its space.
    • Fixed the attack range of hostile mobs when they are in a boat.
    • If you're riding in a minecart, on a saddled pig or horse, you will now trigger tripwire.
    • Baby mooshrooms no longer freeze when you try to use shears on them.
    • You no longer get immediately dismounted when interacting with horses or pigs while sneaking.
    • Fixed a crash when a filled map is selected.
    • Fixed a crash when opening a crafting table in Creative mode.
    • Hoppers now take in all items in a stack at the same time.
    • Chests now accessible when riding in a minecart or on a horse/pig.
    • Fixed some mobs not burning in sunlight.
    • Fixed a bug where an Enderman riding in a minecart could activate a stone pressure plate placed next to a diagonal minecart track.
    • Mobs that die while riding a minecart get removed from the minecart.
    • Blazes attack players based on the host game/server's game mode.
    • Skeletons no longer manage to fire arrows from their sides.
    • Cursor is now fully visible when drawing back the bow and the arrow flies according to where the cursor is pointed (Gear VR edition & Win 10 Rift only).
    • No more falling indefinitely into the void- you will start taking damage.
    • Grey icon representing horse armor & saddle now changes depending on what texture pack you're using.
    • Removed the redundant mundane potion in the Creative inventory.
    • No more floating torches under ceilings.
    • Nether wart growth textures were off by one stage- now fixed.
    • Using a bed while riding a mount or minecart now dismounts the player (because you can't safely ride and sleep at the same time!)
    • "Toggle immersive mode" message no longer appears on non-VR platforms.
    • Controller input now recognized in VR even if the VR window does not have windows focus (Win 10 Rift only).
    • Beds now make a sound when being placed.
    • You can now see a pig's health.
    • Fixed some assorted bugs relating to skin, texture pack & full game purchases not being recognized properly.
    • Pressing the Z button to invoke the status effect window now works.
    • Fixed an issue where breaking a bed wouldn't reset a player's spawn point.
    • When riding a pig/horse, the animal's health now displays correctly when the animal is poisoned.

    Friday 12 February 2016

    Changelog for 0.14 build 7!

    0.14.0 Build 7

    You know what's better than Build 6? Build 7! Yeah, the last build was supposed to be the last, but then $(DELAY_REASON) so we made another one.
    Please reports any more bugs that you find here on JIRA!

    • Maps are back to being created with 1:1 zooming, so Item Frame Maps aren't entirely useless.
    • Added the Redstone Specialists skin pack, but it can't be bought yet.

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a crash with Villagers without a profession.
    • Fixed a crash with a nasty interaction between going in the Nether and Item Frame Maps
    • Fixed a crash when the second part of a double chest is destroyed while the chest is open
    • Also fixed a duplication issue in the same situation
    • Chest Minecarts can open again!
    • Boats spawn actually in front of you in multiplayer
    • Items in a Chest Minecart aren't duplicated or lost anymore

    Tuesday 9 February 2016

    Changelog for 0.14 build 6!

    0.14.0 Build 6

    Here's build 6, this time with a 100% more correct version in the watermark! This build has a pretty tiny changelog as we're starting the preparation to release 0.14 on all platforms, of course if you want to ruin everyone's party with a critical release stopping bug you can always report it here on JIRA!

    • Changing from Creative to Survival doesn't clear the inventory!
    • Added Splash Potion of Weakness (3:00) to the Creative Inventory

    Bug Fixes
    • The watermark actually says "Build 6" :)
    • Fixed a crash with Redstone when playing online
    • Fixed a freeze caused by Rapid Pulsar Clocks
    • Fixed not being able to pick up items even if there is inventory space
    • Redstone Miner's face doesn't disappear when you put an helmet on
    • Fixed a performance regression during loading
    • Items won't duplicate in two toolbar slots when picked from the Creative Inventory
    • Missing faces when a Pressure Plate is placed next to leaves and Grass
    • Clients now synchronize properly Item Frame Maps' green arrows

    Friday 5 February 2016

    Changelog for 0.14 build 5!

    0.14.0 Build 5

    Build 5 is out, and Hoppers work again! Yes! It was all a joke, you didn't really think we could break hoppers like that. Ha. You fell for it. But if you see other amazing jokes like that one please report them on Jira, because they might not be 100% intended. Thanks!


    • Huge Mushrooms shouldn't spawn in the water around Roofed Forests
    • The Inventory for Droppers, Hoppers and Dispensers is more consistent with the other inventories
    • Made loading a bit faster
    • Added the Journey to the West skin pack!
    • Snowballs now spawn when breaking snow with a shovel

    Bug Fixes

    • Hoppers work again :)
    • It's now possible to remove items from Item Frames in Survival without breaking them
    • Entering boats doesn't place another boat anymore
    • Destroying a boat doesn't destroy boats behind either
    • Fixed many sprites being invisible in Front Third Person
    • Fixed black artifacts in flat worlds
    • Client's position is now saved correctly when they log out.
    • Rails cannot be properly be laid in adjacent parallel lines in the east-west axis
    • Fixed a strange enchanting table behavior
    • Leather Armor remains colored while flying between inventory slots
    • Fixes to Redstone burnout behaviors
    • Fences don't have weird artefacts in the menus anymore
    • Items don't duplicate when destroying their Item Frame anymore
    • Minecarts now push each other consistently
    • TNT doesn't disappear anymore on clients

    Tuesday 2 February 2016

    Changelog for 0.14 build 4!

    0.14.0 Build 4

    Did you know that Build 4 means that we are one build closer to the release of the final build? It's hard to believe but it's true!
    It's also between Build 3 and Build 5, and double Build 2. Does it mean it has half the bugs? Go ahead and test it, and see if I just made this up right now!


    • Double Ferns now spawn in cold climates all over the world!
    • Redwood Forests' moss stone boulders are rounder
    • Boats now appear exactly where the player has clicked/tapped
    • Creeper explosions are now much stronger and consistent in power
    • Naturally spawned Villagers will now have more variety of professions
    • Updated translations to change them words!
    • Cannot harm Zombies with a potion of Harming anymore

    Bug Fixes

    • Crash fixed when rejoining a game after the game was suspended
    • Crash fixed when placing an Item Frame above a Chest
    • Crash fixed when the player destroys a torch that is part of a broken pulsar circuit
    • Android's system bar doesn't appear anymore when ingame!
    • Fixed various Cauldron synchronization issues
    • Fixed hang up because of infinite loops
    • Boats don't collide with you anymore when you stop riding them
    • Fixed Hopper lighting
    • Mobs now walk normally when put on slabs
    • Items placed in an Item Frame shouldn't retain the rotation of the last item contained in it
    • Hopper Loop clocks now produce the correct ON/OFF signal
    • Red Sandstone now uses the correct sounds
    • Fixed contents of Minecarts being black
    • Clients now consume an instance of the item when placing it in an Item Frame
    • Cobblestone Wall texture is now actually all fixed 100% pinky swear
    • Removed extra black pixels from items
    • [Redacted] from [Redacted] will not crash the game anymore if [Redacted]
    • Fixed Creepers not exploding if the player is below them
    • Can now feed baby Ocelots
    • Redstone-powered doors now remain powered after reloading
    • Fix to the Language Screen
    • When destroying a two-parts block, particles will be visible for both parts on clients too
    • Fixed Double Trapped Chests circuitry
    • Item Frame Maps don't flicker anymore when watched from a distance
    • Redstone wire has less overdraw now

    Friday 29 January 2016

    Changelog for 0.14 build 3!

    0.14.0 Build 3

    Build 3 is fun! Many tweaks and bug fixes! Reminder: Ender Pearls are not coming to 0.14.0 sorry for the false advertising. We are hoping to polish the game even more until the full release so keep reporting the bugs to the tracker. And thanks for your participation!

    • Maps now start at max zoom because zooming out is too expensive with Anvils. This is a temporary change until PC crafting is implemented in the future.
    • Snow biomes, carpets and slabs aren't slow anymore!
    • The hitbox of flowers and similar is not the full block anymore.
    • Empty Maps now have a "Create Map" button to initialize them.
    • Dropper, Hopper and Dispenser menus now have a scroll indicator.
    • Broadcast to LAN is now grayed out during gameplay to indicate that it can't be changed.
    • Witches now avoid water unless they have a target.
    • Chest Minecarts now drop items when in creative mode.
    • Comparators+Item Frames now act more like in Java.

    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a crash when removing items from Item Frames.
    • Maps created by clients now appear even if the client is offline.
    • Fixed a crash when destroying hoppers and droppers in a flat world.
    • Fixed a crash when attempting to put any item into Chest Minecarts on a client.
    • Fixed a recipe crash.
    • Fixed sensitivity being way too high on some devices.
    • Cobblestone Wall side textures are squashed (still broken at the top).
    • Arrow pointers appear on Item Frame Maps.
    • Enchanted item glow is less bright.
    • Enchanted tinted armor is colored correctly.
    • Enchanted glow didn't animate.
    • Clients aren't brought back to the Overworld anymore after the Host is restarted.
    • Hoppers won't push items anymore if the stack max size is reached.
    • Villagers do stop reproducing at some point!
    • Sound reproduction on iOS should now use less power.
    • Mobs don't flicker on fire when it's daytime and they are in water.
    • Chests actually close in multiplayer.
    • Removed levitating minecarts generated in Mesa biomes.
    • Cannot craft Red Sandstone from normal sand anymore.
    • Equipping two different Mob Heads in succession doesn't destroy the previous head.

    Wednesday 27 January 2016

    Changelog for 0.14 build 2!

    0.14.0 Build 2

    Very quickly after the beta release, we have a build 2 for you. To answer some common questions:
    There will be no Ender Pearls in 0.14.0 - it was entered into a chengelog unintentionally. Sorry!
    Some tweaks and bug fixes were implemented so feel free to test those out and see if everything is working as it should. And as always - have fun.

    • Destroy particles for Item Frames.
    • Zombies drop a head when killed by Charged Creepers.
    • Moved the drag progress bar from under your finger in Dropper, Hopper and Dispenser menus.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Item Frames don't disappear or corrupt when suspending the app.
    • Leather armor remains tinted when placed in an Item Frames.
    • TNT Minecarts don't explode anymore after reloading the world.
    • Fixed a crash caused by placing detector rails.
    • Anvils don't require XP in creative anymore.
    • Cauldron potion particles aren't black anymore.
    • Pumpkin Helmet overlays don't mess up anymore when changing UI scale.  
    • Fixed a potential crash on quit.
    • Items aren't duplicated anymore when thrown in a portal.
    • Anvil, Furnace and Enchantment Table don't duplicate items anymore.
    • Fixed lighting of Item Frames.
    • Destroying an Item Frame doesn't destroy the block behind it anymore.
    • Can now remove an item in an Item Frame without destroying it (still broken in Survival).
    • Mob heads are now less weird while riding boats.
    • Witches' forehead is now normal.
    • Eggs now correctly break when thrown on half slabs.
    • Pixels are more orderly on Zombie Villager's legs.
    • Charged Creepers overlay now animates.
    • Missing pixels from the Leather Armor are now back.

    Monday 25 January 2016

    Changelog - What's new in 0.14.0?

    What's new in 0.14.0 update?

    New Features:
    • Cauldrons
    • Maps
    • Hoppers
    • Dispensers
    • Droppers
    • Item frames (full of bugs! keep on testing!)
    • Slime blocks
    • Creative inventory
    • Witches
    • Repeaters and Comparators
    • Red Sandstone
    • Pumpkin hats and Mob Head hats
    • Double trapped chests! 
    • UI scale slider.

    • Cleaned up textures a whole lot. 
    • Replaced Pocket Edition start screen with new UI.
    • Baby zombies now have a 15% chance to want to be a jockey. If they want to be a jockey, then upon getting near a player they will look for one of the following to ride before attacking the player (Adult Wolf, Adult Ocelot, Cow, Pig, Sheep, Adult Chicken, Spider or Adult Zombie).
    • Regular screenshots are now full .png files.
    • Made Ghast eyes, Blazes and Magma Cubes Cores bright!
    • Fix iOS and Android build issue.
    • Fixed door textures (at last).
    • Improved slime spawning. 

    Some Bug Fixes:
    • It rains in caves.
    • Trapped Chest does not provide power to Redstone Repeater.
    • All clay types are displayed as grey blocks on the Map.
    • Villagers and peaceful mobs despawning.
    • Double Fence Gate's don't block user.
    • Wolves do not have colored collars.
    • Sneak mode turns off after the Player enters the Pause Menu.
    • Ghast shoot texture not showing.
    • Huge mushrooms don't generate anywhere.
    • Mobs drop nothing unless recently hurt by player.
    • Player is unable to open Minecart with Chest and Minecart with Hopper.
    • Player can't close the chest window.
    • Crash when a server kicks a player for inactivity.
    • Mechanisms are being powered by Redstone dust that is not aligned with them.
    • Building massive world structures can lead to serious performance issues.
    • Crash when a farmer villager runs out of seed to plant.
    • Controller's D-pad is inactive in Brewing Stand interface.
    • Backgrounds & Buttons in Asian languages are too short for longer phrases.
    • TNT Minecart explosion on the curve does not destroy rail tracks under explosion.
    • Fixed most issues with chunks being sent multiple times.
    • Fixed server not running in the correct speed.
    • Max view distance can now be configured for the dedicated server. For client hosts it's set to the maximum allowed value as the client.
    • Amount of hits required to kill witch doesn't vary with weapon.
    • Fixed out of bounds error in Inventory related to linked slots.
    • Player keeps all but armor in their inventory upon death.
    • Iron Golems take damage while walking on Soulsand.
    • Skeleton heads don't look hollow from the bottom.
    • Fence gates weren't restoring their open state correctly either. Same pattern was needed as DoorBlock and TrapDoorBlock.
    • Characters arms are in weird positions on Kindle and some iPads.
    • Character drinks milk instantly after milking the cow.
    • The player is not able to open the chest when character stands close to it.
    • Items from bottom half of the double chest disappear when the world is restarted.
    • Missing Feed button when holding any kind of meat in front of Untamed Wolf.
    • Missing Feed button while holding Beetroot and Potato in front of Pig. Also added Beetroot to Creative Inventory.
    • No sound of swimming underwater.
    • Player keeps moving after Player opens inventory screen with controller.
    • sweet dreams are made of this ->
    • Slots on Anvil not lined up.
    • Minecarts do not stack.
    • The terrain flickers invisible if too many chunks are updated at the same time.
    • Mushroom stew should not be poisonous.
    • The darkening underwater effect fails to occur if the User rides boat into a waterfall.
    • Two-block high flowers do not drop the corresponding items after Bone Meal is used on them.
    • Flickering fence texture when it's put underwater.
    • Clay generates instead of gravel.
    • It is possible to stack beetroot soup.
    • Can not use colors in chat. 
    • Mobs stay aggressive after switching back to creative.
    • Enderman glitches.
    • The Invert Y-Axis option lacks functionality when using touch controls.