Friday, 16 September 2016

0.16.0 beta changelog build 4 (aka

0.16.0 beta build 4 - AKA

New Features:

  • The Wither!
  • Nether star
  • Beacon

  • Tweaked the elder guardian's hitbox. 
  • Modified natural spawn rates for mobs to where they should be (wither skeleton).
  • Fixed performance issues (FPS drop).
  • Lots of work on horses.
  • Tweaked some UI spacing issues.
  • Tweaked some issues with arrows.
  • More piston work!

Bug Fixes:

  • Mob steps can be heard again.
  • Players can fill buckets while underwater, even in creative.
  • Fixed it so that potions of harming will kill mobs rather than just making them drop loot.
  • Replaced placeholder with the correct names of items.
  • Guardian & elder guardian attack animations are visible again.
  • Fixed it where mobs don't get knocked back by splash potions of healing.
  • Fixed attribute inconsistencies in mobs & fixed multiple attribute loading bugs (some mobs ran too fast, some mobs had incorrect health, some mobs didn't show the correct health in their health bar.
  • Fixed crash after joining a LAN game.
  • Fixed randomly breaking boats.
  • Monster spawner no longer crashes the game when difficulty is set to peaceful.
  • Fixed a crash when a player threw a snowball, egg, or splash potions.
  • Zombie pigmen no longer hostile towards mobs.
  • No more diving when riding a horse, pig, or donkey. (That's dangerous!)
  • Guardian laser beams change color now.
  • Markers on maps now correctly show direction when riding (animal, minecart, etc.)
  • Gamerule settings now persist in saved games.
  • Fixed issue where some mobs no longer dropped items.
  • Players again spawn in "safe places" during initial world generation.
  • Players no longer float above beds while sleeping. ("There is no Dana, only Zuul.")
  • Fixed crash when server spawns guardians & elder guardians.
  • You can hear the laser sound for guardians & elder guardians again.
  • Fixed items dropping from mobs incorrectly (not dropping for some, dropping for some that shouldn't have drops)
  • Chat window fixed- automatically updates messages when they come in.
  • Two zombie villagers no longer spawn when a single villager is turning into a zombie.
  • Status effects no longer present after a player's death.
  • Nether mobs no longer lose fire resistance.
  • Fixed projectiles so they can be shot in directions, not just at targets.
  • Invisible players can no longer be seen and attacked by mobs.
  • Creeper again makes hissing ignition sound.
  • Iron golem now has an attack animation again.
  • Lightning strikes have sounds again.
  • Fireballs fixed: Blaze fireballs set blocks on fire & large fireballs are visible again.
  • Fixed assorted crashes when loading/importing older worlds.
  • Projectiles no longer hurt the player when reflected.
  • Iron golems will attack aggressive mobs again to defend villagers, themselves.
  • Fixed rare case of mobs spawning without heads.
  • Fixed slime spawning size issues.
  • Zombie pigmen are again spawning with golden swords.
  • Elder guardian now attacks the player.
  • Player no longer gets disconnected from the Realm after suspending & resuming the device/game.
  • Fixed a crash when skeleton horse trap got triggered on peaceful.

Friday, 2 September 2016

0.16.0 beta build numbers

Current build numbers cheat sheet

CURRENT BUILD NUMBER: - 0.16.0 Beta build 4

If you have been wondering about current build version and you are confused, there is a neat cheat sheet for you below. It helps us greatly if the bugs are reported for the correct build. is 0.16.0 Beta build 1 is 0.16.0 Beta build 2 is 0.16.0 Beta build 3

This build number can be found in the Minecraft: Pocket Edition WHAT'S NEW section in Play Store:

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Notes for revised revised 0.16 Beta build 1, aka

0.16 Beta build 1, aka

Just one wee fix for the new "revised revised build 1".  Seriously, we do plan on releasing a build 2, soon. In game, the version will still show 0.15.90 and build 1.  In the Google Play Store you will see the version is and we are still beta testing 0.16.0.  Confusing? We like to think so.

Bug Fixes:
  • Removed  placeholder art

    • The Wither is still NOT in the beta (nor is the associated beacon or wither star), hopefully they will make their appearance this Friday.
    • Creative inventory search (as well as a few other features) will be for Win 10 only, therefore you will not be able to test it on Android in beta.
    • The game still crashing or not starting on multiple devices. If this happens to you, try to delete or rename your resource_packs folder. If that does not help, you can revert to the latest release version (by leaving the test here then reinstalling - it might take a while for your game to revert) or wait for another build. Please check our Twitter and this blog for updates on beta builds.  If you have any more information about how to fix this crash, please comment in this ticket in the official bug tracker.

    Tuesday, 30 August 2016

    Notes for 0.16 Beta build 1, aka - revision.

    0.16 Beta build 1, aka

    We have a few updates for the new "revised build 1".


    • From now on the beta build numbers will always be lower than the update we are beta testing, that is why we have 0.15.90 instead of 0.16.0. It makes it easier to update the beta and release versions without issues later in the Play Store.
    • The Wither is NOT in the beta currently (nor is the associated beacon or wither star), hopefully they will make their appearance this Friday.
    • Reminder that creative inventory search (as well as a few other features) will be for Win 10 only, therefore you will not be able to test it on Android in beta.
    • The only bug fix for this "revised build 1" is that we removed Education Edition only items
    • The game is currently crashing or not starting on multiple devices. If this happens to you, try to remove texture packs - if you have any (you can safely delete or rename your resource_packs folder). If that does not help, you can revert to the release version 0.15.6 (by leaving the test here then reinstalling - it might take a while for your game to revert) or wait for another build. Please check our Twitter and this blog for updates on beta builds.  If you have any more information about how to fix this crash, please comment in this ticket in the official bug tracker.

    Monday, 29 August 2016

    Changelog - What is new in 0.16.0 update?

    Important note: If you are participating in the 0.16 Beta, you will not have access to MCPE/Win10 Realms while you are in the Beta. To get access back to your Realm, you will need to opt-out of the Beta and revert to the 0.15.6 build. Not all features are fully developed at the moment: Wither boss isn’t quite ready yet or are add-ons, but those features will be hopefully fixed for further builds. We kept the version at 0.15.90 on the splash screen just to see if you were paying attention. Have fun testing!

    What's new in 0.16.0 update?

    New Features:
    • Ocean Monuments
    • Guardians and Elder Guardians
    • Prismarine, dark prismarine & prismarine bricks
    • Prismarine shard & prismarine crystal
    • Sea lantern
    • You can now use slash commands by enabling cheats for a world in the options screen (but this will disable Xbox Live achievements for that world even if you are in survival).
    • Good news for left-handed players - you can now do custom key binding for keyboard!
    • You can now search in the Creative inventory.  (Win 10 only)
    • Added mouse UI sensitivity slider in VR options. (Win 10 Rift only)
    • Wet & dry sponges.

    • Lots of cool, new UI changes!
    • Fixed several issues with water so that it looks better such as not making other blocks flicker and not seeing through other blocks at the water line.
    • Performance improvements.
    • If you are drying a wet sponge in a furnace, you can place an empty bucket in the fuel slot as the sponge is finishing drying and the bucket will now fill with water. Remember that the furnace will still need to have enough fuel left to finish drying the sponge.
    • Skin picker no longer shows the silhouette of the skins behind it when choosing a custom skin.
    • Tweaked the clock texture so it has all the correct pixels.
    • Tweaked mouse sensitivity for vertical vs. horizontal motion in UI in Rift (Win 10 Rift only).
    • Increased maximum view distance for capable GPUs (Win10 and EDU only)

    Some Bug Fixes:
    • To zoom out maps, the original map needs to be placed in the center of the crafting grid.
    • Fixed crashes on some Android devices.
    • Fixed a crash upon world load in Gear VR edition.
    • Frame rate no longer affects the sensitivity of mouse and controller turning in game.
    • Fixed a game crash on FireTV that happened after a few minutes of gameplay.
    • Leashes no longer flash red when a mob on that leash gets hurt.
    • Fixed a crash that happened occasionally when a player would try to access Realms settings.
    • Fixed a connection issue failure with players trying to connect to Realms from Android, Kindle, iOS, or Gear VR.
    • Transitioning from Living Room mode to Immersive mode while riding an animal no longer makes the animal look like it's being x-rayed (Win 10 Rift only).
    • Boats have shadows!
    • Fixed a crash when breaking a door near a villager during the night.
    • No longer informs you when you join a game (because you already know you joined!)
    • If you're in a game session where you can't invite friends, the invite friends button won't appear in the pause screen anymore.
    • Fixed a rogue pixel on the back of the Cake Maniac skin's head.
    • Fixed x-ray effects when hitting a boat in survival.
    • Fixed the incorrect drop rate of armor for armored hostile mobs.
    • Water no longer continues to flow from frozen water source blocks.
    • You can now sprint forever in creative mode. FOREVER!
    • Pressing enter opens the chat window.
    • Opening the chat window and then quickly typing is no longer an issue- no more lost letters!
    • You can now place beds on upper slabs.
    • You won't shake randomly anymore when dismounting a vehicle while you're in a block or closing a trapdoor while standing in its space.
    • Fixed the attack range of hostile mobs when they are in a boat.
    • If you're riding in a minecart, on a saddled pig or horse, you will now trigger tripwire.
    • Baby mooshrooms no longer freeze when you try to use shears on them.
    • You no longer get immediately dismounted when interacting with horses or pigs while sneaking.
    • Fixed a crash when a filled map is selected.
    • Fixed a crash when opening a crafting table in Creative mode.
    • Hoppers now take in all items in a stack at the same time.
    • Chests now accessible when riding in a minecart or on a horse/pig.
    • Fixed some mobs not burning in sunlight.
    • Fixed a bug where an Enderman riding in a minecart could activate a stone pressure plate placed next to a diagonal minecart track.
    • Mobs that die while riding a minecart get removed from the minecart.
    • Blazes attack players based on the host game/server's game mode.
    • Skeletons no longer manage to fire arrows from their sides.
    • Cursor is now fully visible when drawing back the bow and the arrow flies according to where the cursor is pointed (Gear VR edition & Win 10 Rift only).
    • No more falling indefinitely into the void- you will start taking damage.
    • Grey icon representing horse armor & saddle now changes depending on what texture pack you're using.
    • Removed the redundant mundane potion in the Creative inventory.
    • No more floating torches under ceilings.
    • Nether wart growth textures were off by one stage- now fixed.
    • Using a bed while riding a mount or minecart now dismounts the player (because you can't safely ride and sleep at the same time!)
    • "Toggle immersive mode" message no longer appears on non-VR platforms.
    • Controller input now recognized in VR even if the VR window does not have windows focus (Win 10 Rift only).
    • Beds now make a sound when being placed.
    • You can now see a pig's health.
    • Fixed some assorted bugs relating to skin, texture pack & full game purchases not being recognized properly.
    • Pressing the Z button to invoke the status effect window now works.
    • Fixed an issue where breaking a bed wouldn't reset a player's spawn point.
    • When riding a pig/horse, the animal's health now displays correctly when the animal is poisoned.

    Friday, 12 February 2016

    Changelog for 0.14 build 7!

    0.14.0 Build 7

    You know what's better than Build 6? Build 7! Yeah, the last build was supposed to be the last, but then $(DELAY_REASON) so we made another one.
    Please reports any more bugs that you find here on JIRA!

    • Maps are back to being created with 1:1 zooming, so Item Frame Maps aren't entirely useless.
    • Added the Redstone Specialists skin pack, but it can't be bought yet.

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a crash with Villagers without a profession.
    • Fixed a crash with a nasty interaction between going in the Nether and Item Frame Maps
    • Fixed a crash when the second part of a double chest is destroyed while the chest is open
    • Also fixed a duplication issue in the same situation
    • Chest Minecarts can open again!
    • Boats spawn actually in front of you in multiplayer
    • Items in a Chest Minecart aren't duplicated or lost anymore

    Tuesday, 9 February 2016

    Changelog for 0.14 build 6!

    0.14.0 Build 6

    Here's build 6, this time with a 100% more correct version in the watermark! This build has a pretty tiny changelog as we're starting the preparation to release 0.14 on all platforms, of course if you want to ruin everyone's party with a critical release stopping bug you can always report it here on JIRA!

    • Changing from Creative to Survival doesn't clear the inventory!
    • Added Splash Potion of Weakness (3:00) to the Creative Inventory

    Bug Fixes
    • The watermark actually says "Build 6" :)
    • Fixed a crash with Redstone when playing online
    • Fixed a freeze caused by Rapid Pulsar Clocks
    • Fixed not being able to pick up items even if there is inventory space
    • Redstone Miner's face doesn't disappear when you put an helmet on
    • Fixed a performance regression during loading
    • Items won't duplicate in two toolbar slots when picked from the Creative Inventory
    • Missing faces when a Pressure Plate is placed next to leaves and Grass
    • Clients now synchronize properly Item Frame Maps' green arrows