Tuesday 22 August 2017

Changelog for 1.2 beta build 7

1.2 beta build 7 - AKA

    • Jungle leaves are now transparent on higher-end devices when Fancy Leaves are enabled
    • Changed the sound effect for creeper explosions 
    Fixes from Bugs in Beta:
    • The selected item recipe will no longer change when ingredients run out to avoid unintentional item crafting 
    • Several improvements to finding items in the Recipe Book while in Creative mode 
    • Made improvements to manual crafting when using a touch screen 
    • The proper amount of wool that is craftable in the Recipe Book will now be shown 
    • Crafting and selecting items when using a controller will now be occur on button press, not release
    • Creative mode now has a 2x2 crafting grid in the inventory 
    • When an item is selected, tapping anywhere that the item cannot be placed will now deselect it
    • Search results in the Recipe Book will now show all relevant items, not just craftable items 
    • Controller bumper buttons can now be used when navigating the How to Play menu 
    • Fixed corrupted icons in How to Play menu when using various languages 
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when switching Resource Packs 
    • The recipe for Empty Locator Maps will now recognize Empty Maps as an ingredient
    • The recipe for Empty Locator Maps will now appear for the 2x2 crafting grid
    • Fixed overlapping text on the 3D Export screen
    • Mob attack damage will now be adjusted based on difficulty
    • Glowstone will now prevent monsters from spawning from a monster spawner 
    • Trees grown with bone meal will no longer fill the trunk with leaves 
    • Fixed the hit box for stairs
    • Fixed corrupted End portal textures 
    • Blocks affected by gravity will no longer push mobs or players into the ground 
    • Fixed the paper doll on the pause menu being scaled incorrectly 
    • Iron pickaxes will now mine at the proper speed 
    • The Cancel button no longer overlaps the progress bar when downloading from the store
    • Replaced the icon for the left analog stick to better distinguish from the right analog stick
    Fixes from Bugs in Retail:
    • Boats will now move faster on ice
    • Original Music Pack will now be imported properly after downloading and no longer cause the game to crash
    • Guardian and Elder Guardian laser attacks can now penetrate armor to damage players
    • The sneak button on controllers can now be used to get out of boats, plus added a tooltip on-screen for how to dismount
    • Squid will now spawn properly in oceans
    • Creepers start hissing a bit earlier now 
    • Slightly decreased Creeper explosion damage
    • Nether portal blocks are now breakable in Creative mode when the default game mode was Survival