Tuesday 24 October 2017

Changelog for 1.2.5 beta build 2

1.2.5 beta build 2 - AKA
New Features:
  • Mixer Interaction: Game commands can now be linked to interactive buttons for viewers to interact directly with the game. Learn more at blog.mixer.com/Minecraft-beta
  • Mobile Broadcasting: Native broadcasting for several streaming services has been added. Look for the new Broadcast button directly in-game
  • Moved store offers on several screens. Thanks to all of our players who gave us feedback on this!
  • Improvements to the Create screen for available templates
  • Further adjustments to the sensitivity of block placement
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when loading a Realm that contains banners
  • The arrow marker on a map no longer becomes a dot when a player walks out of the map bounds
  • Tools will no longer lose durability faster than mobs take damage
  • Creepers standing in double tallgrass now deal appropriate damage
  • Fixed a corrupted audio loop when pointing at an item frame in Adventure mode
  • Fall height is no longer compounded the next time a player takes fall damage when chorus fruit teleports a player from a higher elevation
  • Fixed chests, pumpkins, and stairs not facing the right direction in hand
  • Entities and particles are now properly lit in the Nether when playing in split-screen (Xbox One only)
  • Players can no longer take damage when walking backwards and placing blocks at head level
  • Hostile mobs will no longer spawn on top or inside transparent blocks
  • Starting maps will now upgrade correctly on an anvil
  • After running out of materials for torches, books, or bookshelves, cursor focus no longer moves to another item
  • Fixed the timing of pistons interacting with other pistons
  • Decreased explosion resistance of slabs
  • Players will no longer spawn at a the position of a destroyed bed when leaving the End
  • Parrots no longer choose the same mob to follow repeatedly
  • Lily pads can now be broken by boats when colliding from any direction
  • Tamed horses, donkeys, and mules can now be ridden immediately if mounted while eating grass
  • Banners in item frames no longer change patterns based on the banner that the player in holding
  • Bed recipe will now appear in the Recipe Book when only one ingredient is present in the inventory
  • Observers now properly redirect Redstone Dust
  • Observers powering Redstone Dust below will now power components adjacent to the dust
  • Daylight sensors no longer output power at night when they have no view of the sky
  • Skeletons now turn before shooting
  • Fixed the sound when throwing items
  • Fixed parrots losing their sitting status when loading a world, and incidentally fixed chickens flapping their wings after spawn
  • Editing 'options.txt' can once again be used to increase chunk render distance
  • Arrow of Decay can now be given using the '/give' command
  • Natural Regeneration can now be disabled on Peaceful difficulty
  • Having the PvP game rule disabled no longer makes players immune to the '/kill' command
  • Fixed hopper minecarts not filling from chests when slightly clipped into a block
  • The camera no longer flickers along the Y-axis after teleporting
  • Items on the cursor will now be dropped when the inventory is full and the inventory screen is closed
  • Improved navigation of the inventory screen when using the controller cursor
  • Settings sliders can no longer be adjusted with the D-pad until the A button is used to select them
  • Controller hints will now say "Place" while sneaking and aiming at a container
  • Fixed the rendering of borders on the Skin Picker screen
  • Scroll bars are now visible after switching tabs on the Settings screen